Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sack Full o' Frogs; National Photo Month, Day 17


I went to a church garage and plant sale this past weekend. The church sales are a favorite of mine--great stuff and even greater prices. The best place to find those hidden treasures. You know, the kind that make you want to squeal with delight.

As if I weren't feeling lucky enough to have scored some wonderful and very large perennial shade plants for $2 and $3, I picked up some beautiful, but well-worn, old books. You can see a hint of them in a couple of the photos. I'll share more about them in a later post.

Most delightful, though, was a collection of nine vintage metal flower frogs. I think they speak for themselves.

The flower-shaped frog--all one piece--is an especially nice one. It's a type I didn't previously own.

The round metal one is all one piece with a rust red-colored band around the outside--also a style I didn't have in my collection.

I have a couple of these. While they're useful for holding pens, pencils, paintbrushes, crayons and, of course, flowers, they make me giggle when they're standing on their own. This one's had some hard use. Some of its wire arms are woefully out of shape and totally askew. So, why do these curly-que cuties make me giggle? They remind me of my wild hair on a humid day.

Another cute find: vintage silhouette bookends in my favorite color. Maybe it's just me, but I think I spy a modified Union Jack and a dog on a leash on her skirt. A poodle skirt, perhaps.

Last, but not least, I found this sweet, tiny cup and saucer in excellent condition.

I feel like I won the lottery.

Make it a great day!


  1. You are so right about church rummage sales, they have the best sales! Love the frogs, I never see vintage frogs for sale in my area, but I will keep looking maybe someday. Lovely purchases.

  2. Good morning Ann... wow, it does look like you won the lottery!... love all your finds, and I too collect flower frogs... I have two old depression glass ones also that were my mamas... they held many a flower when I was a little girl and hold alot of precious memories still... your old books are fabulous too, and I love your sweet little teacup... wishing you a beautiful Spring day, xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Great frogs, I love have you have the displayed on old books. Happy VTT! :-)

  4. Church sales are great ones to visit. You did very well on your outing.

  5. I so loved the humor of the post title ... maybe it wasn't intended to be quite so funny but it was certainly a "gotcha" for me! Really, I need to get some frogs because they do make flower arranging so much easier. We have a great botanical garden locally where gift shop purchases support charity, so next to a church sale that seems to be a good place for me to look.

  6. I've been looking for these flower frogs, but have not seen any at all. You really scored on these. Love old books too--great picks.

  7. What wonderful frogs you found at the church sale, I'm so jealous. I have a collection too but yours are definitely unique! Would love for you to share on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Thanks for stopping by with your inspiring comment. Have a fun weekend.


  8. I have a collection of flower frogs but these are great finds!! I just wrote a blog post last month about church rummage sales called "The Church Ladies". Not only do I love their sales but their food as well!!

  9. Love the flower frogs and church sales are the best, I pinned the frogs on pinterest.

  10. LOVE THOSE FROGS, LUCKY YOU! i have never even seen one in person!

  11. so jealous of the curly wire flower frog, I have been seeing those on different blogs and want one or two or three of them
    I have a bowl full of the sticky pointed one that will hurt your fingers and glass flower frogs but love your finds

    you had a good day

  12. ps

    i forgot to tell you I am having my 1st giveaway if you would like to enter

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  13. Great finds. I only have one, an old glass one I have had for as long as I can remember. Hope you can stop by. Visiting from Vintage Thursday. Blessings, Debbie

  14. What a joy and it would make my day to come across all those frogs. Love them.

  15. Score!!! so many wonderful goodies. Thank you for your bloggy friendship and for linking to the Thursday Favorite Things linky party xo

  16. I absolutely agree with sales are the best! I don't find many. You found some great items. I have several vintage like the one in the pot you showed.

  17. What a great find!
    I love to collect vintage flower frogs and my hairpin one is my favorite!

  18. Hello Ann! Congratulations! Fantastic finds - just adore flower frogs - these are amazing! I am doing a happy dance for you! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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