Monday, October 28, 2013

What a Perfect Week!

Vintage linens are so irresistible! When I find something good, I can't pass it up--even if I don't need it.

Just how many sets of daily tea towels does one gal need? I'm pretty sure the answer is, "At least one more."

That's what I told myself when I found this wonderful set at an estate sale.

I love the heavy-duty linen fabric with its bands of bright color. Many of these sets are created on plain white flour sacks. This set is extra charming with its bold stripes, don't you think?

The embroidery is impeccable and matches the stripes nearly perfectly.

And so, the week is done.

Make it a great day!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Add Fall Color Naturally

For a quick and colorful addition to your fall decor, try adding some pressed leaves to whatever you have around the house.

I've been pressing leaves for a few years now and have amassed a pretty good collection.

Every fall, I enjoy finding new ways to incorporate pressed leaves into my fall vignettes. I added some pretties to vintage jars that are nestled in a handmade, antique tool caddy. Situated on the window seat of a south-facing window, the leaves capture the light and take on a warm, fall glow.

A couple of bunches of fresh bittersweet add texture and interest.

Our fall here is so late, the leaves haven't yet begun to turn. But, when they do, I'll once again be looking for the best pressing specimens.

Make it a great day!
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