Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Roll Out the Red Carpet; National Photo Month, Day 16

This is exciting! Our back garden is mostly in the shade, so it's difficult to incorporate much bright color, other than the lime greens of several hosta varieties. You'll also find some cool blue blossoms, some whites and creams, the true blue of the hydrangeas, a pinch or two of yellow.

A narrow sliver at the very front of this space gets decent sun, so I decided to experiment with these Red Carpet border lilies. They're compact--about eight inches high. But, the blooms are substantial--about five inches across. And the color is brilliant. Love 'em.

This is a long-blooming variety and is supposed to naturalize over time. But, I like them so much, I don't think I'll wait for naturalization. I'm going to plant more this fall.

Make it a great day!


  1. This is definitely the color of abundance. "Making" more of them to make more--super idea, don't you think? They give a punch to every place they can settle in. Brilliant!

  2. Such a beautiful pop color in your garden. Lovely.

  3. I love that color. I have had some of these, none this color or as pretty.

  4. These look exactly like ones that I have, and they're some of my favorites! You took some absolutely gorgeous shots of yours!
    Happy REDnesday,


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