Monday, May 7, 2012

Fantasy Fungus. National Photo Month, Day 7

Found these interesting fungi on the edge of the woods at the back of our property. They're tiny and I nearly stepped on them. Each is smaller than a dime across.

They make me think of fairies and goblins and sci-fi movies. They look like they could  have been  in the movie Avatar. Only they'd have been more colorful--like this, perhaps:

Me, I picture a pretty woodland fairy perched atop one of the royal white cushions, enjoying the pleasure of a warm spring day. What's your fungus fantasy? Let your imagination run wild.

Make it a great day!


  1. I have been catching up on your posts...I love your bench...I have been pulling mine out to either sell or redo... The Moon shot is beautiful I had a hard time getting one to come out really well...lots of clouds at time...

    I love those mushrooms...and they do look like something from Avatar!! LOL Little fairy umbrellas!!

    Really enjoyed the reading! :)

  2. Who knew fungus could be so pretty? I'm enjoying your daily photos.


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