Monday, April 29, 2013

Where the Rubber Meets the (Garden) Road

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Recycling and reusing tires has been around probably as long as tires have. 

Before sitting down to begin this week's feature on earth-friendly ideas, I went searching for an early 1960s photo that was taken of me flying high, standing, on a tire swing in my grandmother's back yard. 

Probably better I didn't find it. I seem to recall blue cat glasses and peddle-pushers (what we now call capris) with sneakers and white socks. What a dork!

I also hoped to find pictures of my grandparents' flower gardens ringed by giant tractor tires. No luck, there either. Not in the box I thought they were in.

My grandparents used both tractor and truck tires to create flower beds. Some were painted white, some  au naturale. Some were cut around the top edge to look like flower petals.

The tire swing of today makes my modest model of yesterday seem awfully mundane. What kid wouldn't want one of these?

Recycled tire planters have come a long way since the '60s, too. 

Rochelle at Studio G features a super tutorial for making your own whimsical planter from tires that no longer tread on asphalt.

A few other recycled tire projects I love:

You wouldn't know by looking, but Apartment Therapy's beautiful ottoman indeed started out as a plain ole tire.

Not for everyone, but I like these innovative tables and chairs.

Next time your tread wears thin, consider making your tires a part of your landscape (or living room).

Make it a great day!
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  1. Such creative ways to repurpose tires. I like the ottoman and the stools, fabulous!

  2. Thanks for sharing these creative ideas for recycling old tires!

  3. Hi Ann! These are great ideas! I never knew you could do all that with an old tire!

  4. wow! So many creative ideas. I like the ottoman the most...Christine

  5. Very cute ideas. I'm all for saving the planet too.

  6. Now that is a good way to help save the Earth for sure. We bought these colorful mats to put in front of the cabin and at the back door too. Mats have lasted for years on end.

    Another thing we do, when we go to another lake fishing we pick up bottles, cans, paper that is left behind and take it to our cabin and get rid of it on garbage day. Why oh why can't people STOP tossing things all over God's green earth?

    JM Illinois

  7. Wonderfully creative ideas and all recycled ~ Great post ~ creative photos ^_^


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