Sunday, December 16, 2012

What Is It About Vintage-Style Bottle Brush Trees?

What is it that's so appealing about bottle brush trees? 

Maybe it's that they take many of us back to our childhood when our mothers decorated with small bottle brush trees, often handed down from their mothers.

Maybe it's that they're easy to work with. Because the more contemporary versions come in so many colors and sizes (from large to teeny tiny), they can make a nice addition to almost any holiday vignette.

Maybe it's that they're simplistic. Nothing fancy, even when embellished with fake snow, glitter or a few vintage glass balls.

Whatever the reason, I've grown to love this versatile addition to my holiday decor and thought I'd share some of my bottle brush trees with you.

On the buffet, accompanied by vintage glass ornaments and tree toppers . . .

A nice grouping of three creates a simple, peaceful scene sprouting from among vintage silver ornaments in a large blue Mason jar . . .

This one was among a shoebox full of trees I picked up at an estate sale. It started out a hideous blue-green color. I doused it in Clorox before giving it and some of its cohorts a home on the family room mantel alongside my eclectic group of snowmen . . .

Some of my trees are tucked inside drawers around the house  . . .

Some are planted in vintage aluminum molds on the basement hearth and in a vintage wooden cheese box on the Hoosier cabinet  . . .

And some are nestled in glassware . . . 

If you're looking for something simple to tie things together in your holiday decor, try using a few vintage-style bottle brush trees. You can find them at any craft store. And, if you prefer to decorate in shades of white, go ahead and buy the green craft store trees. Drop them in a bucket of bleach until the color is gone, rinse, let them dry and you're set to go.

Make it a great day!
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  1. You have used the bottle brush tree in such eye appealing ways, I enjoyed all of te vignettes.

  2. I like all the ways you've used the bottle brush trees, Ann. I used a couple that I bleached last year in my Manger scene.

  3. Never thought about bleaching the tree to white-great tip. All of the vignettes are darling. Love the yellow cheese box full of trees. The small trees in the tins are so darling too.

  4. The Dept 56 Villages at our house are surrounded by bottole brush trees. Love your lime colored tree! The old pop crate makes a great place fro vignettes of cocoa sign with those Thermos bottles and I'm all set! Love it!

  5. LOVE them tucked in your drawers - wait, that sounds really weird!! Pinning this - so cute!

  6. I've never had any of these little trees, but they certainly appeal to me. I'll have to check out Michael's tomorrow - that's the one and only craft store in these parts.

  7. I love those old cheese boxes...I have several and it's one of my favorite collections!

  8. Everything looks so warm and inviting. You've given me lots of great ideas to try out!

  9. Wow! So cute and charming! I love the vintage feel of your decorating, it adds so much character and warmth!

  10. I LOVE all of your vignettes, Ann! The trees in the mason jar are so fun!

  11. Wow, so many options. My favorite is the mason jar with the silver ornaments. We are your newest members, would love for you to join us.
    Take care,

  12. Ann what great ideas! I see my sister (the other French Hen) already commented on your post but it is so fabulous I had to as well! I love bottle brush trees too. I love the drawers with crochet doilies and trees and ornaments peeking out! The soda crate is a great way to display ornaments. The milk glass(have it) and red vase (have it!)display is inspired! I am just going to copy you!



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