Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Still Star Struck--A Quick Homespun Garland

Twinkle, twinkle little star . . .

Stars have fascinated me since childhood. Both the celestial kind and star-shaped anythings.

A look around our home and, year-round, you'll catch a glimpse of my Abingdon Pottery and other star vases, some rustic metals and primitives and milk glass filled with shiny baubles.

My dad was an amateur sky watcher and built his own telescopes. We spent many a summer evening with our eyes trained on the sky, examining the sparkle of the stars and imagining if there were others like us out there in the vast darkness.

The past few months, I've seen so many cool crochet items on Pinterest and Etsy that I got the itch to get out my crochet hooks. It's been a few years since I've done any crocheting.

Since the week of Thanksgiving, we've made two trips to Illinois. Nine hours round trip each. Great time for a couple of crochet projects.

I made a garland of cream-colored stars on the first trip and, on the second trip, nearly finished a longer garland with smaller stars in green that I plan to use in my spring decor.

I added the garland to the family room mantel above which we recently hung a special family painting my husband's parents gave him. 

These little gems are a joy to make and very easy. I found the instructions on the internet here. I strung them all together with a simple chain stitch string. Twinkle, twinkle . . . 

Make it a great day!
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  1. Love all those stars upon yars ... but the lights are the best. They look amazing with the greenery.

  2. These are adorable on your mantel...I'm a bit of a star nut myself! Thanks for the link and the inspiration!
    Crafty Hugs,

  3. Hi Ann,

    I love all your stars! They really illuminate your deck. You are very crafty and your crocheted garland is so charming. Thank you for taking the time to visit me. Have a wonderful and blessed week.

  4. I love your crochet stars!!!!! I bought some all the way from Lithuania on Etsy! If yours were for sale you would make a sale today:) New follower, follow me too http://www.sewsweetvintage.com/2012/12/let-it-snow_13.html


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