Saturday, January 21, 2012

An Eclectic Mix

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In our humble abode, we recognize three home decor seasons: Fall/Halloween, Christmas and all other. When the Christmas decorations come down and return to their rightful places, I'm ready to move on. None of this winter glitter and snowman stuff. I did that for a few years when the kids were little, but no more!

This year, though, when the Christmas was packed away on New Year's weekend, I ran out of gas. Every surface in every room has looked as it did when the decorations disappeared. Naked and barren except for some remnants of glitter left behind. My mind was blank about what to do next.

Finally, I've made a little progress.

On the lighted mantel, I featured vintage books and flower frogs, along with a sweet little vintage pitcher I picked up for $1 at an estate sale.

I pulled out a few of my Abingdon Pottery star vases and incorporated them. I have several in pink, green, blue and white and haven't put them out for display in quite a while. Nice to have them back. Funny how fresh and different they look after they've been hidden away for a time.

The biscuit jar at the far end of the mantel is one of the most precious pieces of milk glass I own. Years ago, when my daughter was in middle school, she secretly walked to the end of our block to an estate sale (she'd been attending sales with me since she was a little girl), found the biscuit jar, bought it with her allowance and surprised me with it.

A grouping of moon and star pottery, flower frogs and my grandmother's doilies grace the open drawer of my little red cabinet on the hearth. 

I attached the gorgeous antique metal ornament to the thrift store basket to dress it up a bit. I found this metal piece, as well as the one in the red drawer at an estate sale. They're both versatile enough to use just about anywhere, any time.

The only remnant of winter here is the beautiful ice skating picture above the mantel, which has a special significance to our family. I'll share that story in a later post.

All in all, a nice, eclectic mix of things I love--the transition to the Spring delights ahead.

Make it a great day!


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