Saturday, August 6, 2011

By the Light of the Silvery Moons

As the daughter of an astronomy buff, my eyes have been well trained toward the sky. Hardly a night goes by that I don't look upward hoping to catch a glimpse of familiar friends such as Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, Cassiopeia and Pegasus, Andromeda and Orion. And, of course, the familiar face of the Man in the Moon.

With the news of scientists' most recent theory that Earth may have been orbited by two moons before life even existed here, I've been imagining how different things might be if two moons remained today.

For instance--

How would this eerie scene appear with two moons hanging in the sky? More eerie, I'd bet.

Would this vintage arrangement

Handmade by my great-uncle, Ted, in the 1940s.

become this?

Would Doris Day's 1953 movie have been called "By the Light of the Silvery Moons?"

Would Margaret Wise Brown have written Goodnight Moons?

Which of the two moons would couples romance by?

Courtesy of  The Graphics Fairy

Would the cow have jumped over the moons?

And, what about Pink Floyd? Would their 1973 album have been "Darkside of the Moons?"

Would my grandpa have picked his corn by the light of the harvest moons?

And what of my dear Man in the Moon?

Courtesy of The Graphics Fairy

Would he be accompanied by Mrs. Moon? Or would it be Sister Moon?

At the very least, this latest theory gives a whole new meaning to moonbeams.

(You can hear more about the two-moon theory from National Public Radio at

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