Monday, August 15, 2011

All That Glitters

In the cozy space of our porch, evenings are accentuated with the sparkle of light from my version of the Victorian fairy lamp or night light. Repurposed glass chandelier shades make my fairy lamps larger than the Victorian version, but they create the same welcoming atmosphere.

I've collected a couple dozen glass shades over the years--the ones that caught my eye in thrift stores and at yard sales. Some are vintage, others just pretty. In the summer, I place battery-operated tea lights under a few and put them on a nice stand I found at a garage sale. In the winter, I line the front walkway with the glittering lanterns when we have holiday guests. The variety of cut-glass patterns adds delightful sparkle in the crisp winter night air.

This past week the weather here broke and I was able to do something I've been wanting to do for a long time:  reclaim the porch from a dastardly weeks-long heat spell. Cooler temps and lower humidity made the porch the inviting space it was meant to be. And, we made good use of our covered retreat reading, talking, relaxing.

Ours isn't an HGTV porch. In fact, it's very modest. Everything--yes, everything except the loveseat cushion and tea lights--are vintage or reclaimed thrift finds.

I snatched up the wicker loveseat at a garage sale for a song. The plastic lawn chairs and their pretty, buttery slipcovers, along with two vintage wooden tables were estate sale finds. I came across the metal zinnia tray and the rustic stars at Goodwill. We even rescued Barney from the animal shelter.

This is the Midwest, so we're sure to have some lingering hot spells over the next month. But, as for prolonged scorchers, I think the worst is over.

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  1. What a wonderful idea to use the glass shades over battery operated tea lights! I'll bet the shades bend the light in interesting ways. Lovely in summer/fall and in winter like you suggested. Did you make the covers for the plastic chairs? That is a great idea also.

  2. Your little fairy lamps look so pretty. I have repurposed some of those light shades with solar lamps for my back deck table. I love how they seem to reflect so much extra light. I haven't thought to create fairey lamps with candles but that is a wonderful idea.

  3. Now what a nifty thrifty lamp it!!!


  4. Love the lamps--so pretty!

    I have a fun giveaway going on where you can win $10 to my etsy shop to get rosette accessories! You should enter,

  5. I love your porch with your special finds.
    Joyce M

  6. wonderful porch - looks so comfy. With all those stars, I would have sworn you were a Texas girl. You know, lone star and all. Love your folding wooden chair and the special nostalgia behind that. And your pretty lanterns too - great idea! ~Diane @ home sweet homemade

  7. Great idea for the glass shades. I may have to steal that idea.


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