Thursday, May 29, 2014

To Paint or Not to Paint?

Years ago, I found this terrific metal chair at a local thrift store for $3. It was love at first sight, even though I didn't know exactly where or how I would use it.

Over the years, I collected three more. I picked them all up at the same thrift store. All at different times. All for the same low price of $3. In the back of my mind, I envisioned painting them bright colors and strategically placing them in our vast backyard garden.

They might look at home alongside the vintage bicycle and tricycle.

When I recently pulled the chairs out of the back shed where I had stored them out of sight since I purchased the last one,  I was surprised at how rich the rust and chipping really was.

I like it so much I'm thinking about not painting, but instead, simply applying a clear coat sealant to prevent further deterioration.

What would you do? Paint or not paint? Give me your thoughts by leaving a comment.

Make it a great day!
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  1. No paint! Love it as is. =)


  2. Oh, don't paint them! They're terrific. Just seal.

  3. Love the rust, but I say paint them.

  4. Keep AS IS!!!! Love your chairs--AND your gorgeous backyard.

  5. love having little surpises like these in the garden! I agree w/others, no paint! cute just the way it is! thank you for linking up to Fishtail Cottage's garden party this week & sharing the party w/your friends! xoox, tracie

  6. no paint, it is filled with wonderful chippy character. love it! Thank you for sharing your sweet blog at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. Your participation helps to make it extra special ♥

  7. Leave it as is... lovely. Here from Fishtale Cottage Garden Party



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