Sunday, April 27, 2014

So, What's With the Tea Cups?

Wow! I truly didn't intend to take such a long hiatus!

So where have I been?  Here, there. But, no--not everywhere. 

The past 15 to 18 months have been a bit of a blur for us: taking care of my husband's aging parents in Illinois, our youngest son's move to Texas, his engagement and marriage, our oldest son's move to Kansas and his recent engagement, the death of my dad and the start of the overwhelming task of sorting through the lifelong accumulation in my parents' Arizona home.

Wait. There's more! Add to all that personal stuff one of the craziest, busiest years at my real job (the one that actually pays me) and something had to give. So, I took what I thought might be a short break from blogging. Ha ha.

I'm ready to hit the old keyboard once again, but not certain how often I'll manage to post. One day at a time . . . 

I'm not yet prepared to tackle posting about the wedding. But I will say it had to have been the best wedding ever! No prejudice here. 

My (now) daughter-in-law had asked me to help collect items to make up their reception table decor and to make the table runners. Both of which I gladly agreed to do.

Right now, all I'll tell you is that I spent nearly a year collecting tea cups and saucers and teapots at estate and garage sales and thrift stores. The two cup and saucer sets pictured above are among the dozens I found. Oh, what a delight that was! Any excuse to go thrifting. Did I mention that France and Belgium play into the wedding decor equation?

Enough of a tease for now? Stay tuned  . . .

Make it a great day!


  1. How exciting...looking forward to it. :-)
    xx oo

  2. I'm looking forward to reading more about the wedding, too.


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