Monday, October 28, 2013

What a Perfect Week!

Vintage linens are so irresistible! When I find something good, I can't pass it up--even if I don't need it.

Just how many sets of daily tea towels does one gal need? I'm pretty sure the answer is, "At least one more."

That's what I told myself when I found this wonderful set at an estate sale.

I love the heavy-duty linen fabric with its bands of bright color. Many of these sets are created on plain white flour sacks. This set is extra charming with its bold stripes, don't you think?

The embroidery is impeccable and matches the stripes nearly perfectly.

And so, the week is done.

Make it a great day!


  1. What a great find, Ann...and they are in such beautiful condition!

  2. Oh my gosh these are incredible, the work it takes to make such wonderful embroidery is such a unique find, makes a joy to use each day, its a fab find and cool of you to know that them

  3. What treasures! Can you imagine the time to embroider the flowers on the dress and chair!


  4. Wow, they look like they're in perfect shape. Adorable, I would have grabbed them too!!

  5. Oh, these are so charming and gorgeous. I'd love to find something like this, hopefully will at some point. I host a weekly link party called We Call It Olde, for any post on antiques, vintage, and history, would love to have you join in. Tuesdays - Saturdays. Blessings - Dawn @ We Call It

  6. Love your tea towels! Oddly enough, that's how I spend my weeks. It is very satisfying to see my life in/on fabric.... Truth is I have cabin fever ... I'm thinking about dusting. Still those are cute towels. Happy December.


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