Sunday, September 29, 2013

Wilson--New Look, Natural as Ever

For our household, "wild turkey" references the real thing, not straight Kentucky bourbon whiskey.

On any given day, as few as six wild turkeys, and as many as 23, make our suburban acreage adjacent to a creek their roost, dinner table and playground.

And, where flocks of turkeys shake their tail feathers daily some fallout is inevitable. With all the strutting, courting, primping and scrapping, stray feathers become a common sight in our lawn. I've been collecting them for a couple of years--since the turkeys first showed up.

Turkey feathers are so remarkable. The variation in size, shape, color and texture is amazing. From long, narrow and clearly striped to short, fluffy and irridescent, they offer tremendous versatility for use in home decor.

A couple of years ago, I introduced you to Wilson II, so named because he reminds me of Tom Hank's volleyball-turned-companion in the movie Cast Away. I've been re-creating Wilson II for several years now, using dried elements from my garden--grasses, seed pods, hosta scapes, twigs and anything else that adds interest.

To freshen Wilson's look this year, I pulled out the feather collection and combined a variety of feather sizes, shapes and colors, with plumes of feather reed grass.

A vintage metal flower frog facilitates the basic structure.

Feather reed grass creates the height, the turkey feathers add interest.

Welcome back Wilson II. Love your new "do."

Make it a great day!
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  1. I love Wilson's new 'do! The feathers are beautiful...I would love watching turkeys...are they ever bothersome, or pretty mellow?

  2. Wilson looks adorable with his feathers pompadour.

  3. I love this, he looks very seasonal with the feathers. I haven't seen turkeys much since I left the northeast but I enjoyed watching them too.

  4. I love Wilson's facial expression! lol I love the large feathers! Looks great!!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  5. The elegance of the arrangement against the funny face - it's just perfect for this time of year!


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