Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pansy Power

Sassy. That's how I describe the pansy. That wonderful velvety face, in colors so deep one could get lost in them, teases of spring and beckons boldly from garden bed and front porch planter before the frost is fully finished.

For centuries, pansy images have adorned postcards and wallpaper, china and linens, fabric and artwork. When I was a child, pansies led the flower parade in my mother's garden every spring. And, since my childhood, pansies have remained a favorite of mine.

This past weekend, I picked up several treasures at a couple of estate sales. One was a large, handmade tool caddy. When I grabbed it, I planned to use it in the garden later this spring--after the threat of frost is long past.  But, I kept wishing I could plant flowers in it now, to bring some much-needed relief from the dreary gray, cold days we've had the past several weeks.

Wait! Why not? This is the perfect weather for the sweet and sassy countenance of the pansy.

The rough and rugged tool caddy makes a substantial planter.

Despite its well-worn exterior, the classic caddy gives a warm welcome to these pretty pansies.

A lovely touch of spring. The only touch of spring in our neck of the woods.

Make it a great day!


  1. They are so lovely - so velvety. I particularly love the yellow and blue pansies with their sunny faces.

  2. that is a great use for the pansies!! I love those little flowers...they remind me of my Gram <3 she used to have them everywhere.....Thanks fr sharing Ann


  3. I've always loved the Pansy too...all the different colors rioting together make me dizzy with delight!! I love that you found such a wonderful tool caddy to use!! Great idea, and lovely garden accent. Thank you so much for sharing your lovelies with us for my party!!

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  5. Such pretty flowers and I love the planter! What a great idea! I always enjoy finding new uses for old things. Has so much character. :)


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