Monday, October 29, 2012

Junk, Beautiful Junk

Despite how it may appear, this is not an abandoned blog. As much as I love it,  blogging just hasn't been my top priority these past several months.

My husband and I are empty nesters. But, even with all the kids out of the house--and out of the state--the past several months have been anything but life at the corner of Ho Hum and Easy Street (although we did stand in that sweet spot with my dad in Carefree, Arizona, just long enough to snap this photo last week). We both have aging parents who increasingly need as much of our attention and assistance as we can provide. After all their years of sacrifice and commitment to us, it's now our turn to give back.  Not as easy as driving across town, though. Hubby's parents are two states away, in Illinois, and my dad is more than 1,200 miles away, in Arizona.

Even with frequent long weekends away, I was able to launch my Etsy shop this summer, but haven't been able to fulfill my goal of creating and listing as many handmade items as I'd like.

I don't know how often I'll be able to post here over the coming months, but I'm not giving up. I hope you'll stick with me and check in occasionally. Even though I don't have as much time to post these days, I try to keep up on your blogs as often as possible. I continue to be inspired by all of you out there.

This weekend, I finally found time to photograph the great  items I picked up at the Nebraska Junk Jaunt in September.

These beautiful old jars are the extra big ones. They might make interesting over-sized snow globes for the holidays.

The sewing machine drawers have a wonderful design of what looks like branches in a frame shape around the carved handles. I haven't cleaned these up at all, so you're seeing them with dust and crud and all. They're so lovely, they deserve special treatment to highlight that charming carving. Onto the future painting project list they go.

This raggedy, dirty old cloth tape measure was a mere $1, but is so much more precious than its price would indicate.

Soda crates and pulleys and tongs, oh my!

One of two nice wood stove handles I picked up. This one is from a company called Quick Meal Ranges.

I see a role for this primitive rake in a horror movie. After Halloween, it can be repurposed as a unique jewelry hanger.

These tongs are fascinating, although I'm not sure what they're used for. I thought they were meat hooks for use in a packing plant, but others think they're ice tongs. As you can see they can expand and contract to different sizes. The top is a hook that looks like it might hang over a pulley line. Do you know what it is?

A nice cast-iron biscuit pan is great in the craft room to hold small items such as beads, clips, pins and small bits of paper.

I love my new treasures and am already looking forward to Junk Jaunt 2013.

Make it a great day!
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  1. Loved your treasures, and totally understand about time commitments!

  2. What a lot of fun you're going to have with all these finds. Blogging will always be here - it will be good to see you when you pop in.
    We are also empty nesters with parents far away. It's a challenge but we make it work too.

  3. Your parents are so fortunate to have you there for them. It's fun while you're here to see what you have been up to. This is some fabulous stuff! The charm and history just ooze out of them, not to mention the beauty. You certainly scored!

  4. You certainly do have your priorities in the right place!!
    I love all the vintage goodies you've collected and would have bought every one of these treasures myself.

  5. LOVe those old pullies. They would look awesome hung as art!

  6. I live near the corner of Whiskey and Easy Streets! Your vintage finds are creating envy in me! Love the rake and the tongs!

  7. Great treasurers you found. Sorry to hear that your parents are needing you so much. Be sure to take care of yourself too!

  8. I love all the gears and tongs and hardware you got. Mister has that kind of stuff in his barn. You're going to paint the sewing drawers? They're so beautiful as is!

  9. I very much understand your priorities, fall has been so busy with family and work...I'm happy to see you post you when you can! LOVE all of your finds!

  10. I lived your story just a few years ago, and totally understand...some less important things go by the wayside when you are giving back to elderly parents. I don't regret it when I did, as my mom will be gone 2 years as of Tuesday. I just wish I had more time with her, and miss her so much.

    But, to address your finds...WOW, what fun was that! To bad it is so far from Washington, I would be tempted to make the drive...with a big trailer!

    Jan @ The Pink Geranium, your newest follower.

  11. are you selling these items or just showing your wonderful collections? I am interested in the cast iron biscuit pan


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