Sunday, August 5, 2012

Crazy About Crazing

We've had a small break from the 100-degree weather here this weekend. For the first time in several weeks, I felt like being out and about, taking advantage of the garage sale and estate sale scene.

I know I've said this before, but church rummage sales are my favorite. A church not too far from us consistently has the best sales in town. Best organized, best variety, best volume of items, best antiques and vintage items, and best prices. I look forward to it every year. This weekend was the weekend and it did not disappoint. In fact, I did my part to help the cause two out of the three days of the sale.

Among my favorite acquisitions is this vintage green pitcher. It's a bit dinged up, but it has incredible character.

The crazing is the best part! There's something wonderful about those deep, dark lines--the roadmap of its long and full life.

The Valier's Dainty Supercake Flour sack is a brand I haven't seen before. Love the name Dainty Supercake Flour.

Dainty is dandy, indeed.

This pretty cross-stitched Christmas apron is one of several I brought home. Look for it and a number of others in my shop in the coming days. 

The vintage wood rack the apron hangs on is also a bargain from The Best Church Sale. It folds up like an umbrella. A gal can never have too many drying racks (for me, they're display racks).

Not to be left out of the treasure hunt, my husband acquired a 1970s avocado green cake carrier. It has a pie carrier on the bottom.

Fun weekend, great weather. Back to hot temps this week, weatherman says. 

Make it a great day!
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  1. More great finds, I love the pitcher! We had a cool down too is was a blissful 70 degrees today, loved it!!! Laura

  2. That is a very pretty pitcher. I was just washing some of mine to take to a consignment store - time to edit the collection a little.

  3. You find some cool stuff! I love the apron the best!

  4. Your pitcher with the crazing is just full of character and I love the color and little flowers. You really found some great finds-and I agree the church sales are my favorite (and the food and baked goods are always delightful as well). I wrote a post about supporting the church ladies you might enjoy.

  5. OH you had some wonderful finds, Ann! I love the character that crazing gives a piece, too! The flour sack is too cute!

  6. The way I see it...the more a piece is dinged up and crazed...the better. I love that good old vintage charm oozing right out of a piece, you know what I mean?

    Thanks for sharing. Stay cool, my friend.

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  7. Anne,
    You found some great stuff! Crazing is the best! A lot of folks like everything perfect which is fine by me cuz that means all that lovely crazed ironstome is left for me!
    I have a pinterest board, faded, weathere and rusty also! Visit me there if you get a chance, am going to check out your boards next! Thanks for the visit and sweet comment about Kailyn! Am your newest follower and would love for you to do the same! Will be back often!

  8. I'm "crazed" for your pitcher. It is lovely.

  9. A nice variety of goodies. Enjoyed visiting and hearing about them.

  10. What a lovely haul of goodies....not that I'm jealous or anything!! Pass some of your sunshine over to my part of Scotland it's been missing for sometime :0D

  11. Those were such great finds!!! I love that anything with the crackling on it...I am going to have to remember that about the church sales!! ;) Thanks for the tip!!

  12. I KNEW that avacado was from the 70's - I swear that color was all over our kitchen growing up :) I'm a fan of the crazing too, lovely piece.


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