Sunday, June 17, 2012

Got My Kicks on Route 66

Old Route 66 seems to hold such fascination for many Americans. For some it's about the memory of the vintage television show. For others, it's nostalgia for personal experiences along the famous route. For still others, it's about hanging on to an icon that represents a simpler, more innocent, but adventurous time in our country.

I had a chance to hitch a ride with a long-time family friend to Arizona to visit my sister and my dad. Along the way, we passed through Tucumcari, New Mexico, where I noticed the vintage-style banners promoting the historic Route 66. As was so common in the heyday of Route 66, we took a detour.

To my delight, the strip of the old highway still hosts a few of the classic motels of the day. Several of the kitschy signs remain stalwart in their original spots even though the structures they proudly promote are now piles of rubble or are gone completely.

A few of the classic motels remain open for business, such as the Blue Swallow, the Historic Route 66 and the Palomino. 

The Old School Garage is a snapshot of another day, another time along the memorable highway.

Our travels that day were 15 hours of straight drive time across parts of five states. Glad we had the opportunity to get our kicks--if only for a short spell--along Route 66.

Make it a great day!


  1. I would love to vist Route 66 someday, but until I do I sure did enjoy your photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Awesome photography and editing! Love it. I grew up in Oklahoma City - which 66 runs straight through - you will find an occasional sign such as these. Thanks for sharing.

  3. So fun, Ann! I have such memories of family vacations as a child...looking for motels late at night and seeing all of the wonderful neon signs! I am sure some of those travels were on Route 66...

  4. My mother lives on a short stretch of the famous route 88 in Villa Ridge Missouri. There are several old business along that route that have been closed for decades but no one has the heart to take them down. You can't pass through St. Louis without stopping for frozen custard at Ted Dewes. It is still open and has barely chance since it first customer.

  5. wow - such a great look into such an iconic part of America!

  6. Thanks for sharing.
    Stopping by from Katie's Linky

  7. Great photos of a fascinating area ~ ~ thanks, (A Creative Harbor)

  8. These are so fun! I saw the signs on our recent trip too, but we didn't have time to explore since we had a 26 hour trip to get to our destination!

  9. We just traveled on some of that highway. Loved the photo treatment.

  10. I would love to travel this route...


  11. Hi Ann! Thanks so much for the follow! I've just returned the ♥ and am following back thru GFC and LF :)

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Hi Ann - thanks for posting this. I haven't thought about Rte 66 in such a long time. I traveled on it about 20 or so years ago when I made a tripe to Arizona and New Mexico. I was saddened to realize it didn't go as far as it once did and it felt like an abandoned road...but I felt great riding on I was on a piece of history and no one could take that away from me!

    Nice to see a post that isn;t about a craft all the time - I have a few that I want to post...but I wasn't sure where to link these up to!! So, thanks!!!


    PS - I am a new follower. Hopefully you will follow me as well.

  13. I did not grow-up in America but my interest in vintage stuff rose from Americans who took pride in their work and preserved it. Wonderful pictures! Hope you could join and link-up your photos at link party I have every Friday :)

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I am now a follower!



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