Saturday, April 28, 2012

#%&! Turkey Mess

This is the scene that greets us nearly every night when we arrive home from work--mulch scattered out into the street.

Here's the scene a few minutes later--after my husband, still in his work attire, rakes the mulch back into the garden plot.

We have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the turkeys that have made our woodsy yard their home over the past couple of years. They're totally fascinating to watch. The strutting. The preening. The squabbling. Oh, and the gobbling. I love the gobbling.

What I hate is that this spring, more than in the past, the turkeys have begun kicking up a whirlwind of mulch. The light scratching and easy pecking around the garden has given way to activity of twister proportions, resulting in mulch scattered everywhere--in the grass, on the street and completely obscuring the stone garden path.

We leave for work each day with mulch neatly in place and return most nights to a mess. Oh, the games those quirky turkeys play.

Sometimes the deer join the party and make a meal of our hostas. Definitely not the way to endear themselves to me (no pun intended).

Given the choice, I'd much rather deal with the turkey scratching. After all, a little light raking never hurt anyone.

Make it a great day!


  1. Hi Ann, I know those critters can be a problem. I have deer that each year they come around and eat the tulips, just as they are about too bloom. Even so, they are wonderful to look at. I keep telling myself that.Lol Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Anna

  2. Fascinating! I would like to watch the turkeys - but would not like them in the garden! I completely agree about the deer!

  3. Oh wow! That would be neat to see. I can't imagine having them strutting around my yard. I've seen a few turkey vultures. Does that count?!

  4. I know what you mean..... my son has some chickens and they root around in the dirt and mulch and make holes just like a dog. Dogs are better actually, when he lets them loose they poop everywhere. They are lucky they give me eggs or they would be dinner.


  5. What an interesting post, Ann! I love seeing the turkeys, but we don't get them in our yard! Why do they go in the mulch...looking for food?

    1. We think they must be looking for insects, Linda. They're so funny to watch, but with a yard as large as ours and as many garden beds as I have, it seems that every evening after work is spent raking the mulch back. Ha!

  6. I guess I'm lucky I don't have either of those. But so enjoyed you post on the turkey's and deer. How many turkey's do you get, and where do they come from? Are they yours? Out in the neck of the wood where I live we have an overabundance of Raccoon and Possem! Raccoon are cute but very vicious, at night you can see them walking down the street. They do have rather a very strut. Posem - run in the other direction when you see them - mean. but we are unlucky this year, one just had babies in our garage and we can't get in there!


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