Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chewing on Some Food for Thought

Thanks to Kelly at Eclectically Vintage, I've been chewing on her intriguing question: What do you want your blog to be when it grows up?

Admittedly, when I started my blog, it was basically on a lark. I didn't identify any specific goals. I'd started reading a few crafter's blogs, loved what they had to offer and thought I'd give it a whirl.

I still can't say what I want Moonbeams and Fireflies to be when it grows up, but after giving this some thought, I know what I personally hope to gain through the blogging experience. Here goes:

  • I get a kick out of trying different things. Blogging is about doing all sorts of things I previously didn't do often:  tell a story, design digitally, edit photos, view the world with an eye toward sharing

  • I want to connect with new friends who share my passion for dabbling in arts and crafts, repurposing and recycling rescued materials, collecting antiques and vintage items, gardening and enjoying nature

  • My more than 30-year career--which isn't over yet--is built on a foundation of writing and editing--for other people and mostly in the world of print. Blogging is just for me. Just because . . .

    • A mind is a terrible thing to waste and I don't ever want to stop learning. The beauty of being a part of the blogging community?  I can learn so much in a single day from all the talented bloggers out there that it often makes my head spin
    When it's all summed up, it seems I'm in for bushels of fun, friends and fantastic enrichment as my little blog grows up.


    On March 2, plan to join the fun when Kelly at Eclectically Vintage, Kari at Thistlewood Farm, Linda at It All Started With Paint and Karah at The Space Between host a new blog hop link party where you can share the vision for your blog. Tell us what you want your blog to be when it grows up.

    Hope to see you there.

    Make it a great day!


    1. I like your "blogging is just for me" thought. When I started my blog it was something just for me that I could do with what I wanted. I really needed a creative outlet at that time. Who knew you could meet someone wonderful and inspiring people this way!

    2. Wow! Perfect. You must be a great editor - saying so much in so few words. Will you be my editor? Please? Pretty please? Now I'm going to have to follow you on Linky Followers.

    3. It really is so wonderful to write for yourself, right? Not have to be subjected to "editors" ...

      For my first few posts I insisted that my husband read/proof for me because I have never "flown solo" like that.

      But now? Never. I'm so much more confident ...

      ... and the blog keeps my mind sharp. And my life moving forward with daily and weekly and yearly goals!

      Thanks so much for linking up to our party!



    4. Love your choice of photos~ I dabble in the same stuff you do. And your vision for your goal is wonderful.

    5. Since we move a LOT, I found great friends through blogging. Now some are even in my area. If we could just correct that gas price thing, I might even get to meet them. Enjoyed the post.

    6. Great post! Stopping by and following via the Linky Followers Blog Hop at It's So Very Cheri! Would be great to have you stop by, hang out, and follow back! Have a wonderful weekend :)


    7. As a writer for print in blog land you must find the differences between the two worlds somewhere in the range of interesting, challenging, or liberating ... I'd love to hear! Many of my posts get few comments {can you say **crickets**?} so sometimes I feel too as though I blog for myself, something about the process of putting together a post just feels good. I'm visiting from the "growing up" hop and am a fellow poster and your newest Follower.


    8. Ann,
      Yippie - so much fun to read your goals and so glad you linked up to our party!

      I agree that it's always exciting to keep on learning new things (otherwise, life can get pretty boring)! Our blogs will surely keep us on our toes and I can't wait to see what you've got in store for us!

    9. I agree, blogging is a space "just for me" that I share with everyone (or everyone who reads it). In the end it's been a way to connect with family, and to enjoy daily life more.

    10. Blogging is for me too! I really get a kick when other people seem to like my content though!!! Came from the party. Enjoyed your post. :)

    11. hi there! just wanted to let you know that i am deleting the new linky follower tool from my side bar. Please make sure you are a follower of Fishtail Cottage using Google...(you can read about it here!)http://fishtailcottage.blogspot.com/2012/03/new-way-to-follow-bloggers.html

    12. We started our blog to give my blogging partner daughter an opportunity to write more. I have discovered that I really like photography and have learned a lot thru blogging. Looking forward to continuing, learning and improving. Thanks for the great question, Laura

    13. Wow, that is a thought provoking question. I myself am going to have to chew on it...thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at my hat collection.

      Have a great weekend,

    14. You had some pretty incredible pictures here! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love that we are all so different but with (pretty much) the same goals in mind!

    15. Love the pictures great blog your newest fan!

    16. Totally agree with you on everything!! I'm so glad I started this new adventure called "Blogging" 2 years ago...
      Thanks for the follow! I'm your newest follower too!

    17. Ann - I love your perspective. Such great goals. I feel that blogging has reignited a little spark I had lost for a few years...totally hitting on the "mind is a terrible thing to waste" sentiment.

      Thanks so much for linking up!
      Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

    18. that last one is so true!!!!! because of blogging i think i do learn more each day and i allow myself to try more because i see real people doing it!

    19. I think that I started blogging for the same reason as you, and I have just loved it more and more all of the time! I love all of the things you had to say and I LOVED the pictures, very clever! Im your newest follower! Here are my goals


    20. Thank you so much for linking to the party! You have a great "voice" when you write and your authenticity two of my favorite things! I think we should all blog for ourselves, too!

      Thanks for the inspiration and have a blessed day.


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