Sunday, July 31, 2011

Flamingo Flip Flop

I've never been a flamingo kind of gal. At least, I've never much cared for the neon pink plastic lawn ornament on stilts. It's not because I don't like kitsch. Anyone who's been in our home knows I can do kitsch. It might be that I don't like the color pink. Or, it might just be that pink plastic flamingos aren't my thing.

But, on my weekend garage sale journey, I came across a treasure that changed my perspective on the flamingo as a garden ornament.

Flamingo Terra Cotta

I call her "Flamingo Terra Cotta." I don't know whether she's contemporary or vintage. But, as her name implies, she is made of terra cotta, not plastic. When she was new, she must have been prettied up nicely with a coal black beak, black eyes and a whitewash of feathers. Her features are now worn away in spots. When I picked her up off the garage sale table, she was caked with dried mud on one side. Cobwebs replaced feathers. She had no legs.

Despite her unfortunate flaws, she was beautiful. I took her home, bathed her, gave her legs--plant stakes from the local hardware store--and put her in a place of honor between the feather reed grass and the Knockout roses.

Welcome to my garden, Flamingo Terra Cotta!

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  1. Your flamingo is so cute! He is so lucky to have been rescued by you! I was thinking a few days ago how much I would like to have one, but not of the plastic kind like one of my neighbors actually has (SCREAM!!!)

    Thanks for your comments and becoming a friend and follower. I'm happy to be your latest follower!

  2. that's one fine-feathered friend! glad you were able to give her new life.

  3. She is super cute! She looks at home there.

    E :)

  4. This one you cared for looks much better than the pink, plastic ones.

  5. I love her. Congrats on your great find.

  6. The terra cotta makes all the difference! She has a cool, vintage vibe to her! Unique finds like this definitely help to express our authentic styles. Thanks so much for linking up at WWC! :)

  7. How fun... she's gorgeous! Thanks for linking to Share the Love Wednesday!

  8. I have no idea who many times I've grabbed some ugly plastic thingie with one hand and my terra cotta colored craft paint with the other. The makeover works every time! Your real terra cotta is the best though!

  9. I agree...she is much more beautiful in the current state. And such a lovely addition to your garden.

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